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Welcome to my world of Drums and Drumming.

I have created this website to keep everyone informed on my teaching activities and, any events I perform at. I do get students wanting to know where I play at so I will keep you guys posted on my events menu or just contact me at: 210-887-6704.

I will also try to keep everyone informed on music education,and teaching availability for anyone interested in studying with me.

My Biography

Me on drums at santa's (peace)

Mike Baez is a full time musician and teacher that has  played in many genres and bands that range from jazz, country, pop and rock to name a few. That being said, Mr. Baez keeps on top of the industry and knows current trends and old alike. He has toured the country performing in the Casino circuit, playing with the likes of Jose Feliciano, Lenny V and the Alley Band,Fuego,Red Hot and Cool. just to name a few.

Mr. Baez  was also a member of the Sky Ryders Drum & Bugle Corps and the World famous Santa Clara Vanguard Drum & Bugle Corps where he was assigned as the lead Snare drummer.

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Mr. Baez has been teaching since 1977 which gives him much experiance on how to teach, not only drums but how to teach individual personality types. He teaches Drum set all styles, Snare drum (rudimental and orchestral), Mallets (marimba and vibes), Latin percussion (congas, timbales and bongos). Mr. Baez has taught at S.A. Christian School, East Central H.S., Clemens H. S., Madison H.S., Kennedy H.S., John Jay H.S., Anson Jones M. S.

He is currently teaching at: Sam Ash Music, Studio 88, Music Institute of San Antonio,San Antonio School for the Performing arts and In-home drum lessons.

Mr. Baez studied at Texas A&M and with the following instructors after his schooling.

  • Georgie Padilla (World renown latin percussionist)
  • Chris Adams (Co-Author of New Breed I and II)
  • Chuck Silverman (Author of Practical applications using Afro-Caribbean Rhythms),
  • Ed Soph (Instructor at UNT)
  • Richard Wilson (Hand Technique: some of his former students are Vinnie Calaiuta and Dvid Garibaldi )
  • Ralph Hardimon( Santa Clara Vanguard and DCI hall of Fame)
  • Thomas Lang (World renown drum clinician).

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