Drum Lessons

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Lessons are half hour or hourly, but you can request longer times as well.

I have two studio locations… SASPA and Music Institute of San Antonio, so to best determine which location

and time that best suites you, please call or text me at: 210-887-6704 fill out the contact form.


In-home Drum Lessons

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     I do in-home lessons for all those that don’t like fighting traffic or just can’t get out of the house. Whatever your

reason might be, I can accommodate your drum lesson needs through in-home lessons.

For more information contact me at: 210-887-6704.


V-Drum Lessons

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I am currently teaching with the most current models of the V-Drums  and V-Drum Tutor software by Roland Music. I teach at the V-Drum Lab at Sam Ash Music in San Antonio.

This is the most sophisticated V-Drum Lab in the country. There are six ,TD-15K’s  for students and one TD-15KV for the instructor. The instructor controls the class through a conferencing system that enables me to talk to the whole class at once, or to individual students. Students can also be paired up to listen to each other. There is also, a Large screen where the instructor Shows students his own computer screen when teaching.

It’s all about learning to play drums and having fun, using the state of the art V-Drums and V-Drum Tutor software. Classes are one hour long and consist of all age groups and levels. As a student, you will learn how to read drum music, hand and feet technique while learning songs and having friendly competition with your peers.

For more information contact me at: 210-887-6704.

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